Financial Insurance

Life Insurance and Annuities

One of the most confounding issues in our lives is insurance. Finding the right agent is critical to getting the coverage best suited to your needs. At Andea Insurance Services Inc. our agents have the training, expertise, and resources necessary to help you navigate the world of life insurance. Whether it’s term life, whole life, or indexed universal life our agents are here to help you choose the policy and carrier best suited to your needs.

Life Insurance: Term, Permanent Life Ins., Indexed Universal and More

Annuities: Short Term, Long Term, Qualified and Non-Qualified Funds.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Planning your financial future can be a challenging experience. Having a family elevates challenging to a whole new level. Planning for the predictable costs, buying a home, college for the kids, a comfortable retirement is one thing; but how to plan for the unexpected? Andea Insurance Services Inc. can help with the predictable and the unexpected.

Long-Term Care Insurance

How long will we live? What happens if one or both of us can’t live at home anymore? There are now more centenarians alive in the US today than in the history of the country. While some of these folks are able to live at home most are not. Andea Insurance Services Inc. has some surprising answers for your long-term care concerns.

Final Expences

The average cost of a traditional funeral in the U.S. is $10,000.00. Get a little extravagant and these costs can easily exceed $25,000.00. At a time when your loved ones are just beginning to come to terms with their loss they shouldn’t be faced with a $10,000.00 bill. At Andea Insurance Services Inc. we represent carriers that specialize in Final Expenses Insurance. No one is denied, ever.

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