Dental and Vision Supplement Benefits


The average cost of a checkup at the dentist’s office is $288.00; and that’s if everything is OK. Need a filling? Costs range from $160.00 to $200.00 for common materials.  Need an extraction or crown?  Costs range from $240.00 to $1500.00 or more.  Good dental plans can go a long way to mitigating these costs.  At A.I.S.I. we represent several carriers with benefits and coverage that offer superior savings.


The nationwide average cost for a pair of glasses is $196.00.  Exams range in cost from $50.00 to $250.00 per person.  For a family of four the costs can easily exceed $1000.00.  A good vision plan can take a big bite out these costs, at A.I.S.I. our agents will help you pick the plan with the benefits you need and at costs you can afford.

MorganWhite – Up to 4 or more carriers depending on your zip code!

DirectBenefits – Dental Implants available with this Dental Ins!

Direct Vision

Spirit Dental

Add vision to the above dental plans for as low as $13.95 a month.
Click through and check out plans which best suit your needs. Or call, fill out reply form or e mail for more information.

Other Supplemental Plans from Various Insurers; Anthem BlueCross (CA), BlueShield of CA, Humana and others Please call, fill out reply form or e mail for more information.

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