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Andea Naone-Waters
Founder, Andea Naone-Waters was educated on the east coast, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree at Tufts University and her Master’s at Emerson College. As an experienced public speaker and educator, Andea has given hundreds of educational seminars on Financial Planning, Medicare, Long-Term Care and Senior Fraud Awareness and Prevention. As a member of the local business community Andea is an active participant in many local charitable endeavors.

Founded in 2010, Andea Insurance Services Inc. provides insurance and financial planning services for individuals, families and seniors in California, Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington. As an independent agency we represent more than a dozen insurance carriers covering life, health, long-term care, final expenses, and annuities. Our agents provide a positive client experience; and ensure that the client understands the options and can make the choice best suited to their needs. Andea Insurance Services Inc. follows each client throughout the years to provide the level of customer service and support they expect and deserve.
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